We want a nice clean auction!

No biting, kicking, eye gouging, hair pulling, or hits below the belt!

However...you must have tons and tons of fun!

Passing in the wrong lane is allowed.....

Remember, we are raising funds for kiddos with terminal or life-threatening diseases...so please be generous!!!

Brave Young Hearts relies on donors for the items in this auction.

Brave Young Hearts assumes no responsibility for the performance of any item, or for any unmet expectations pertaining to trips/getaways, gift cards, certifictaes, or items.

It is the responsibility of every winner to pay for their goodies by 9 pm March 16th.

All Sales are FINAL.

No refunds or exchanges available.

It is the responsibility of the victorious, to take their successes home with them March 16th.

Brave Young Hearts will not provide any shipping services.

If shipping is required,  the buyer must make their own arrangements.

If you don't see something in the auction site that you would like to bid on.....cash donations are always welcome!!!